'Own a Tree' and Build your Forest

Click on the 'Own a Tree and Build Your Forest
'Own a Tree' and Build your Forest

To Own a Tree

Book your planted tree on the BOOK ACTIVITIES page and pay online.

You will be provided with a videoclip and a photo of your planted tree.

If you wish to have a stone engraved plaque with your tree book and pay on the BOOK ACTIVITIES page

Photo and Video Clip is R250 per tree planted and engraved stone plaque R10 per letter and number

To Own Trees for Free and help us to build a forest, Join our Reforestation Project by sharing your project on social media platforms

If you own a tree you can also share your photo and video clip with family and friends!

Click on the Own a Tree and Build your Forest button above to own your forest

When you share your Own a Tree Project on social media platforms you will accumulate points and add trees to your forest.

By accumulating points you can unlock free trees that we will plant in the valley and build your forest.

If you register you will get 2 points and when a family member or friend register 5 points

Continue sharing until you have 100 points to own your own forest of 5 trees, then download your certificate and photo of your forest

Remember to upload your photos to your Facebook and Instagram pages and caption it by telling us why you are participating in the Own a Tree and Build a Forest Project.

Don’t forget to tag us - @valleyoftherainbowsa!