Mountain Camp Astrology Experience

Posted on Mon March 6, 2023.

Mountain Camp Astrology Experience
Join us at Vallley of the Rainbow Fly Fishing Estate and Wilderness Retreat for a stargazing experience.
Sleep over on the top op the mountain with family and friends and experience the wonder of an unpolluted African night sky.
Your experience includes a night in nature sleeping in you own pop-up tent and conversation and meals around a campfire.
The best stargazing opportunities are during a new moon when the moon is not in the sky at night. The night skies can still be enjoyed during other phases of the lunar cycle, however, it can weaken the intensity of stars nearer to the full moon it is in its cycle.
Planning also depends on weather conditions should be met. The best time is during the dry winter months with minimal cloud cover and rain.
South Africa, forms part of the southern hemisphere and thus the southern skies. According to the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa, the ‘the Big 5’ of the African Skies’are 1. the Coal Sack, a dark nebula, 2. Carina Nebula, a bright nebula, 3. the Southern Pleiades, an open cluster, 4. Omega Centauri, a globular cluster, and 5. the Milky Way.
Join us with your family and friends for a night under the open skies.
Warm clothes and walking shoes highly recommended
Commemorate your first stargazing experience by making a DIY star map? Find out how with the help of Under Lucky Stars, here.