Food Baskets

We offer Picnic, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Baskets
Please order your basket (state number of persons) before arrival
Order wine, beer, ciders and fizzy drinks from the Bar and cost not included in food baskets

Breakfast Basket R250 for 2 persons

Fresh Juice/Water

Muesli and Yogurt

Bran Muffins with preserves

Mini cocktail sausage

Egg Mayonnaise or Cold Meat Mustard Sandwich

Fresh Fruit in Season

Coffee and Tea

Dinner Basket R250 for 2 persons excluding Meat packs

Mix Salad/Potato or Carrot Salad

Garlic or Country Bread

Vacuum sealed Meat packs with selection of spices

Chicken Sosatie, Wors and Steak

Pork Rasher, Wors and Lamb Tjop

Coffee and Tea

Lunch Basket R250 for 2 persons

Fresh Fruit Juice and Water

Mini Quiche

Corn or Country Bread or Crackers with Cream Cheese

Fresh Season Fruit

Cupcake or Brownie

Coffee and Tea