'Time to Relax' in Nature

Posted on Mon September 27, 2021.

Are you caught up in traffic for long hours, concerned and anxious about your safety, experience the stress of load shedding and many every day stresses of life in South Africa? It’s time to take a break, relax and head outdoors and experience nature.

Connecting with nature is healing. Ever heard of the phrase “forest bathing?” It means simply being in nature, and it’s getting a lot of attention because of the mental and physical health benefits.

Studies have shown that taking time to relax and be outside, with no goal beyond just experiencing the world around you, has a positive effect on your well-being.

Spending time in nature can improve memory, lower stress hormones, and reduce feelings of depression or anxiety, among other perks.

Being in nature can help clear your head and bring you into the present moment, and is a great way to de-stress and relax.

Now it is the time for you to leave your home, office and stressed environment behind and spent time in natural surroundings?

Valley of the Rainbow Country Estate offers many ways to relax in nature, including:

1. Watch the sunrise/sunset on the patio. Sit on the patio overlooking one of the lakes and watch the beautiful sunrise and sunsets. It will help to forget about all the stresses.
2. Experience our forest and river trail. Take a relaxed, meandering walk through the forest along the river, let go of the thoughts in your head, and focus on the present moment.
3. Try the relaxing sport of fly fishing. There’s nothing like relaxing next to the water watching the trout trying to take your fly.
4. Visit our lake bird hides and venture on our mountain and valley bird walks. Watch all the birds and hear all the sounds as this is the most relaxing feeling your will experience
5. Experience our mountain walks. Enjoy the fresh and clean air and you can also enjoy scenic views.
6. Just read a book on the deck. Or find a quiet spot outdoors and practice mindful meditation.
7. Enjoy a picnic surrounded by forests, rivers and lakes. Disconnect and make nature your home. Take a picnic basket and enjoy a picnic with family and friends.

When you’re outdoors, focus on your senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

Studies show that engaging the five senses can help promote feelings of calm and relaxation.

Gaze at the vast sky, the greens of the trees, the tranquil water, or vast mountain tops.

Listen to the birds singing, the breeze through the trees, or the sound of a babbling waters.

Breathe in the fresh air and smell the fragrance of the natural environment, lake or forest.

Some plants release immunity-boosting compounds into the air and being in the sunlight is thought to increase levels of the feel-good chemical serotonin.

Feel the grass between your toes, place your hands on the trunk of a tree, or dip your fingers in a stream.

You own yourself ‘Time to Relax” outdoors in nature, and leave your worries behind when you go.

Once in nature, let your mind relax, take a deep, calming breath and enjoy better health.